Champagne Enema


Champagne Enema
a group exhibition curated by David Bell
Feb 13 – March 1, 2014

Downtown improving with every flush. Pigeons take flight! Hey this new playground doesn’t work. Residents look down from their pools as old veterans stare up at the fools. Little clothing on the roof, everyone’s wearing everything on the streets. What does not kill you makes you drunk. All the new restaurants in Grand Central look so good, fifteen dollar sandwiches, I’ll just take a juice, good for the cleansing, ah only got eight bucks, oh well, jingle jingle. There’s always the Bradbury Building, bottom floor only, I want to ride in that elevator. The bearded man who’s always on the street drinking six dollar lattes, as a bearded man on the other side of the street watches. Watch your watches, get your watches! Want my leftovers? I was going to throw them away. The trees survive off urine. Call (213) 605-#### if someone shits on your door, cant blame ‘em, about as private as it gets out here. What type of mess are we talking about? 

New Work by:
Amanda Joy
Ann Leese
Kim Ye
Noah Spindler
Ting Ying Han