Femme Gaze Fotobooth

The Femme Gaze Fotobooth takes place in an art space, and uses the traditional party photo booth as its starting point.

However, instead of participants styling and posing themselves–with the various props, costume elements, and accessories provided–here, they are positioned and photographed according to where their figures and my desires overlap. Offering up their body as an object to be projected onto, art viewers become art objects as individual curiosities in front of the camera commingle with those from behind the camera.

Nude or clothed, anonymous or identifying, the boundaries of each scene are established through a brief negotiation immediately before the shoot. Through this gesture of consent, an ethical power exchange takes place wherein the art viewer embodies model and muse. The resulting image eliminates the distance between object and subject, presenting an opportunity for the participant to see themselves through the unapologetic lens of the female gaze. This is what it’s like to look at being looked at…