Los Angeles Road Concerts

Los Angeles Road Concerts
September 18, 2011
Los Angeles Road Concerts presents a showing of site-specific projects from over 100 Los Angeles artists in unused public outdoor spaces along the entire length of Sunset Boulevard’s 24 miles, from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean. For one day, artists will perform works, display installations, facilitate car pool happenings and make music in public spaces such as sidewalks, traffic islands, parking lots, as well as inside the audience’s cars as they traverse one of LA’s most iconic boulevards.

featuring Rest Area
by Kim Ye and Christine Wang

Two identical Toyota Sienna minivans are parked directly across the street from each other at either ends of a pedestrian crosswalk. Both side doors are open on the vans, this creates a tunnel that pedestrians must pass through in order to cross the street. Inside of the vans there will be music, air-conditioning, and refreshments offered to the pedestrians. Through the creation of a temporary shared oasis at the boundary between sidewalk and street, we hope to propose an alternative function for the automobile, while simultaneously modifying the bodily experience of the pedestrian.