29/single/Online now!


29/single/Online now!, Single-channel video, 8 minutes, 2014

Close-up POV shots of various men—their limbs, torsos, hands, and groins—as they sit, lounge, and lay in various states of undress; 29/single/Online now! unfolds like a guided tour of the male body through the lens of desire. These intimate images are strung together by an omnipotent female voice that is genuine yet stylized, natural yet produced. Alternately seductive and withholding, playful and demanding, vulnerable and invincible; it reflects reality by weaving a fiction.  If She were a predator, this would be Her bait…

Art Dude [episodes 1-3]

Art Dude (episodes 1-3), Single-channel video w/ found audio from VICE, 8 min 30 sec, 2013 | In collaboration with Veronique D’Entremont

He defines himself as a painter.
This is his life’s work.
His work has matured as he has matured.
He is not selfish with what he creates.
His materials remain true to his content.
His work is about process.
His work is about looking.
His work is about seeing.
His work searches for purity.
With this work, he created his own world.
The more time you spend with his work, the more you get out of it.
His favorite color is black.
He is not a street artist.
He is a Hardcore Graffiti Writer.


Dyad, Single-channel video, 8 minutes 39 seconds, 2012

Around the Dinner Table

Around the Dinner Table functions as an installation for collective performance.
The above documentation is taken from a performance at the Getty Center in October of 2011.


A banquet table is stocked with an abundance of food. There is a single chair at the table. A camera faces the chair. Behind the camera is a large projection screen.  A looped video plays: close-ups of mouths chewing and full of food. Below the camera, there is a sign: This food is free but please sit in the chair at the table as you eat. As one sits down in the chair, the looped video is replaced by the camera’s live stream. One eats while facing her own magnified projection. As one rises from the chair, the looped video resumes playing.

Gastro Porno

Gastro Porno, Single-channel video, 4 min 11 sec, 2010 | In collaboration with Jeff Jenkins