7 Minutes in Hell

Part photo shoot, part therapy session, 7 Minutes in Hell is a performance that invites viewers to lock themselves into a small confined space with me. 

As potential participants enter into the field of the performance, they are asked to fill out an intake form. From the stack of completed forms, one is selected at random and the chosen participant goes into the elevator with me for 7 minutes. Once inside, we discuss the contents of their form while I direct the participant through a series of verbal and physical and prompts. This intimate experience culminates with me taking 2 polaroid photos of the participant–one for me, one for them–which acts as a document of and a response to what they are currently struggling with. Challenge the viewer’s understanding of personal space and personal boundaries, the images above are from a performance in a non-functioning elevator that measures 4 ft x 6 ft x 10 ft.